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September Swing

September Swing

Greetings Sportsfans.  What’s the latest and greatest here in the North Country?  One word…change.  The fishing tactics, fishing locations and wouldn’t you know it…the leaf colors are changing too.
Drifting with spinner baits has been the most used fishing technique as of late.  That being said, we have started to anchor and jig with more regularity during the past week.  The vertical jigging has been a bit spotty, but find a nice school of walleye and BOOM - hammer time.
And where would one find this nice school of walleye?  We are still following the compass north but we have started working different areas of water.  The East Bar of Garden Island is holding fish as well as Knight and Bridges Islands.  We are fishing near submerged structure but not necessarily on it. 
When the leaves start to change their colors we know the walleye are getting ready to stage for the fall run.  Perfect time to come up and…

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