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Whoa the horses…

Whoa the horses…  We’re shifting gears and prepping for another season!  Summer to winter…  Winter to summer…  Summer to winter…  Yep!  Let’s choose Summer to Winter mode!

Charters are stored away, bombardiers are getting ready, ice houses are being built, and big fish are being mounted. Thank you to everyone who adventured making another memorable season!

With the MN Deer Season quickly approaching…  Most in the state have gone into hunting mode.  We’re still seeing a few skiffs run up and down the Rainy River, but for the most part there’s not a whole lot of walleye fishing going on right now.

As of today the river and lake are still ice free.  Surface temps are hovering in the mid to low forties.  It’s amazing how fast this big pond can cool off.  The little back bays that flow into the river do have a skim of ice on them.  Shallower water areas with no current…

If you are not ready to winterize that boat and itching for one last bite you can still come visit us. We do have cabins available in November.

Before you know it the ice fishing season will be here…  Time for our guides to put the shacks out , get on top of the best winter bite Lake of the Woods has to offer, and scurry about the lake, as you………………….Set the hook!

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