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Time for Priorities

Time for Priorities

“If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles.” – Doug Larson
WOW!  Is it really the middle of August already?  Where has the summer gone?  It’s time to stop, take a breath and put the priorities in order.  Up here on Lake of the Woods that means ONE thing.  You guessed it…fish for that monster walleye!
With summer cruising by it would be easy to forget all the fun we’ve had to this point.  The spring season was late to the party as our charter boats dodged floating ice chunks into the latter part of May.  The walleye were fat and happy on the south shore as they were getting ready to break into their summer patterns.  Then we were hit with rain, rain and more rain. 
The water levels rose to historic heights and pushed the walleye further north than anticipated.  June/July had the pods of fish skipping the mud flats of Big Traverse Bay and heading straight toward structure.  The early summer months had us jigging on top of rock piles to fill up the coolers.
Mobility is the name of the game in August as our charter boats have been everywhere from Long Point to Oak Island and everywhere in-between.  To cover the most area, we “pull anchor” and drift spinner baits.  Double hook worm harnesses or single hook leech rigs are the preferred method.  It has been a slow and steady bite but we have seen an uptick of TROPHY walleye being boated.
School and other fall activities are just around the corner.  In this hectic time it’s imperative to stop, take a breath and…

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