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Tuesday January 27, 2015 - Fishing Update

Hello Sportsfans and welcome to the weekly blaze here on Minnesota’s Lake of the Woods.  We’re butter…  We’re butter…  We’re butter…  How so?  ‘Cause we’re on a roll!

Wow, have we almost clipped our way through January?  Yep.  Quickly approaching half-time of the ice fishing season.  What will FEB & MAR bring?  Can’t wait to find out!

Gosh, it seems like we’re actually starting to pop a few more big fish up north.  Last week we had the daily double on those couple of whoppers.  And so far this week, it’s been quite similar.  Check out Colleen’s pic of her NINE pounder.  Fantastic catch and release!!  Good hustle Colleen!!

Our mix of walleyes and saugers continues, adjacent to the reefs up north, and we’re also popping the occasional jumbo perch.  Pretty tough to target ‘em, but a bonus non the least when you get one tugging on your line.

Wow!  Is it almost FEB?  Did I already say that?!

Speaking of which…  A reminder from the OFFICE GANG…  Our FEB / MAR weekend ice fishing special…  (FOR OUR BALLARD’S REPEAT CUSTOMERS) Limited availability…  Actually getting quite full… 
3 nights / 2 days ice fishing = $375pp (must have a group of six)…

Exciting hey!  We’re on ‘em!  Nick and the boys are busy again this week with more “fish house shuffle”.  Keep moving and don’t burn up fresh ice.

All is good on L O Dub…  Set the hook!

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