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Hello Sportfans and welcome to the weekly post here at Ballard’s Resort.  What’s the latest and greatest?

Here we go:  Spring is coming to Lake of the Woods,  Ice fishing on the lake continues,  River fishing is in the forecast.

Right now the 10-day forecast is predicting highs in the 30’s and lows in the 20’s.  As mentioned last week, when it gets to this time of the season for us, we are for the most part ice fishing from day to day pending conditions and mother-natures request for spring.

As of today, based on the forecast and current ice conditions, we plan to continue fishing on the lake through this coming weekend.  After that, as mentioned earlier, we will continue to monitor and update from day to day as we move forward.

No one can predict next week, but we do have a good handle on day to day activities.  This allows us to either lengthen our season, or know when it’s time to get things wrapped up on the ice.

The progression of spring means we’ll probably sooner than later begin running our rigs (Bombardiers) over west and accessing the lake directly from shore.  Basically, it is a typical move for this time of year, bypass the river and bay, and go where you can get right to the main shoreline of Big Traverse Bay.

Ice conditions on the main lake remain favorable.  We’re still working with about 40”.  And again, that’s referring to where we are fishing and the area we are covering.

Fishing wise?  When you compare our last few days of fishing “in the flats” versus what we had going on “up on the reefs”?  There really has not been much of a change.

Overall, by Lake of the Woods standards, fishing could be described best as FUN, but SLOW.  We are catching lots of small saugers with few walleyes in the mix.  We are off-shore about 9-10 miles and hovering in approximately 30ft of water.  Again, small saugers…  Some action…  Enough for an evening meal…  And a few to take home.   Some good, some bad, and some so so.

With many anglers in camp this week and this coming weekend, we’ll keep skating about hoping for an improved bite.  And we’ll keep having fun!

If you have questions please call.  #218-634-1849.  We’re looking forward to seeing everyone!

Set the hook…


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