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  • Rain, Rain go away!


    Hey Sportsfans!

    Rain, rain go away…It seems like we can’t out smart mother nature…we, along with most of the state of Minnesota, have been experiencing some pretty nasty storms over the last week. We have gotten plenty of rain, but lucked out on the timing.  It hasn’t affected our typical fishing day (8a-5p) too much!

    Our guide boats still seem to point North each day and end up around Knight, Bridges, Garden and even up to Little Oak and beyond. We are seeing a good mix of walleyes, sauger and that occasional TROPHY WALLEYE that sneaks onto the boat.

    Spinners, spinners and more spinners…that tends to be the choice of tackle…the hot colors have been chartreuse and hammer gold, stick a night crawler or minnow on the end and drift away…

    We hope you have a chance to run up before the school year begins. We have lodging and fishing packages available during the month of August. Give us a call and let’s plan your next vacation!

    Until next time…SET THE HOOK!!!


    The Romanchuck’s sure know how to party, I mean fish…

    Lots of great memories were made!


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